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John Whalen
Hawaii Green Growth


Farm Link Hawaii
John Whalen
Plasch Econ Pacific


Farm Link Hawaii
John Whalen, Plan Pacific


Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design
Farm Link Hawaii
John Whalen
Roth Ecological Design Int LLC
Pacific Resources for Education and Learning


Farm Link Hawaii
The Kohala Center
Hawaiian Educational Council (HAIS)
Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design


Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design


Hawaii Association of Independent Schools
Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design
Individual Consulting for site and program design

Running list of organizations/projects/companies I’m involved with:

Department of Geography & Environment, UH Manoa: PhD Candidate researching agro-food systems development and disruptions in Hawaii.

APA FOOD: American Planning Association Food Division executive committee member and membership chair. Join us!

AgHui: Agricultural Response & Recovery Working Group, a broad coalition of agricultural stakeholders from across the sector and the state of Hawaii, first convened in April 2020 in response to the destabilization of the coronavirus pandemic to forge deeper connections between local agriculture, emergency food distribution, and long-term economic planning.

Transforming Hawaii Food Systems Together: An initiative to document lessons learned in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, articulate policy and planning recommendations, and expand institutional purchasing of local foods.

Previous efforts:

Sierra Club Oahu Group: A volunteer-run grassroots group focusing on sustainability issues on Oahu ranging from renewable energy to waste management to agriculture.

HI SOUP: Periodic crowdfunding micro-grant dinner supporting community projects.

Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design: A non-profit focused on regenerating degraded lands and supporting sustainable development through Permaculture based education and consultation.

Urban Farm Hawaii: A non-profit focused on creating opportunities for social and ecological interaction through agriculture in Honolulu’s urban corridor.

Farm Link Hawai’i: An online marketplace and back-end logistics service connecting Oahu’s organic growers with commercial buyers.

Hina`i Network: A network of institutions, organizations, and community groups working on building a health food system from Waianae to the Ewa Plains and the North Shore of Oahu.

Hinai Network Map

Sustainable Hawaii: A weekly talk show about the transition from being individual consumers with rights, to building communities of producers with responsibilities.

11/2014-06/2015 Shows
  • Stormwaters and Surfriders with Rafael Bergstrom
  • From the Classroom to the Campus: Sustainability in Higher Education with Matthew Lynch
  • Mean Streets to the Green Streets: Exploring Bikeways in Honolulu with Daniel Alexander
  • Energy, Entrepreneurship and Economies with Samantha Ruiz
  • Crafting Living Communities with Elliot Van Wie
  • Eating Local at School with Lydi Morgan Bernal
  • Land Stewardship to Lawmaking: Cultivating Civic Engagement with Sarah Leone
  • A Natural Way with Allen Fanning
  • Bikes, Books and the Volunteer’s Heart with Justine Espiritu
  • Designing Smarter Growth: Community Planning & Better Blocks with Matthew Gonser
  • Refusenik: the State of Waste with Nicole Chatterson
  • Environmental Equity Planning with Annie Koh
  • Foraging, Farmers and Future Foods with Nat Bletter
  • Culturing Good & Fermenting Change with Rob Barreca
  • From Wai to Waiwai: Hydropower in Hawaii with John Wehrheim
  • Coordinating a Culture of Change by Debbie Millikan
  • Community Supported Fisheries: Fresh, Local & Pono with Jason Chow
  • People, Place and Possibility with Brent Kakesako of HACBED
  • CoWork for Collective Futures with Rechung Fijuhara
  • Food, Justice, Equality with Amanda Shaw
  • Making Civics Sexy Again with Stuart Coleman

Hawaii Food Policy Council: A hui of food system fanciers supporting effective policy to make you healthier and better fed.

Local Foods, Local Places 2016: An EPA backed  community planning process focused on local food system development in Kaka’ako and broader Honolulu. EPA Report (PDF)

EPA Final Report

Manoa Valley Neighborhood Board: Where participatory democracy meets representative democracy each month, in a school cafeteria.

Oahu Farm To School Network: A network of entities supporting school gardens and local food procurement across the island through relationship building, professional development, and policy advocacy.

Oahu Farm to School Network Map

Permablitz Hawaii: A reciprocal gardening network with the goal of restoring Hawaii’s food security one backyard at a time through free monthly community workdays transforming home and institutional landscapes.

Pono Permaculture: ‘Ecosystem engineering’ to wed people and place through consultation, design, and education for ecological, social, and economic systems.

Roth Ecological Design International: A company providing design and installation of systems using the power of biology to remedy issues of chemistry in soil and water.

Barter Butcher: Exchange based dispatch of small game.

The Green House: A sustainability learning center with an emphasis on environmental and family education.