2020 Clients

A running list of the organizations/projects/companies I’m involved with:

Department of Geography, UH Manoa: Pursuing a PhD researching climate change, agro-food systems, and land use in Hawaii.

Sierra Club Oahu Group: A volunteer-run grassroots group focusing on sustainability issues on Oahu ranging from renewable energy to waste management to agriculture.

Supersistence Consulting:

2020 Clients

Hawaii Ulu Cooperative

Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action

Plasch Econ Pacific

Oahu Resource Conservation & Development

Hamakua Institute

Lanakila Pacific

Hawaii Public Health Institute

UH Hilo Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization Lab

Hawaii Investment Ready

And some I was involved with:

HI SOUP: Periodic crowdfunding micro-grant dinner supporting community projects.

Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design: A non-profit focused on regenerating degraded lands and supporting sustainable development through Permaculture based education and consultation.

Urban Farm Hawaii: A non-profit focused on creating opportunities for social and ecological interaction through agriculture in Honolulu’s urban corridor.

Farm Link Hawai’i: An online marketplace and back-end logistics service connecting Oahu’s organic growers with commercial buyers.

Permablitz Hawaii: A reciprocal gardening network with the goal of restoring Hawaii’s food security one backyard at a time through free monthly community workdays transforming home and institutional landscapes.

Pono Permaculture: ‘Ecosystem engineering’ to wed people and place through consultation, design, and education for ecological, social, and economic systems.

Roth Ecological Design International: A company providing design and installation of systems using the power of biology to remedy issues of chemistry in soil and water.

Barter Butcher: Exchange based dispatch of small game.

The Green House: A sustainability learning center with an emphasis on environmental and family education.

Hina`i Network: A network of institutions, organizations, and community groups working on building a health food system from Waianae to the Ewa Plains and the North Shore of Oahu.
Hinai Network Map

Sustainable Hawaii: A weekly talk show about the transition from being individual consumers with rights, to building communities of producers with responsibilities.
11/2014-06/2015 Shows

  • Stormwaters and Surfriders with Rafael Bergstrom
  • From the Classroom to the Campus: Sustainability in Higher Education with Matthew Lynch
  • Mean Streets to the Green Streets: Exploring Bikeways in Honolulu with Daniel Alexander
  • Energy, Entrepreneurship and Economies with Samantha Ruiz
  • Crafting Living Communities with Elliot Van Wie
  • Eating Local at School with Lydi Morgan Bernal
  • Land Stewardship to Lawmaking: Cultivating Civic Engagement with Sarah Leone
  • A Natural Way with Allen Fanning
  • Bikes, Books and the Volunteer’s Heart with Justine Espiritu
  • Designing Smarter Growth: Community Planning & Better Blocks with Matthew Gonser
  • Refusenik: the State of Waste with Nicole Chatterson
  • Environmental Equity Planning with Annie Koh
  • Foraging, Farmers and Future Foods with Nat Bletter
  • Culturing Good & Fermenting Change with Rob Barreca
  • From Wai to Waiwai: Hydropower in Hawaii with John Wehrheim
  • Coordinating a Culture of Change by Debbie Millikan
  • Community Supported Fisheries: Fresh, Local & Pono with Jason Chow
  • People, Place and Possibility with Brent Kakesako of HACBED
  • CoWork for Collective Futures with Rechung Fijuhara
  • Food, Justice, Equality with Amanda Shaw
  • Making Civics Sexy Again with Stuart Coleman

Hawaii Food Policy Council: A hui of food system fanciers supporting effective policy to make you healthier and better fed.

Local Foods, Local Places 2016: An EPA backed  community planning process focused on local food system development in Kaka’ako and broader Honolulu. EPA Report (PDF)
EPA Final Report

Manoa Valley Neighborhood Board: Where participatory democracy meets representative democracy each month, in a school cafeteria.

Oahu Farm To School Network: A network of entities supporting school gardens and local food procurement across the island through relationship building, professional development, and policy advocacy.
Oahu Farm to School Network Map