Vanuatu: Kaikai fo Laef

In 2012 APCRD Director Matthew Lynch was contracted by international NGO Adventist Day Relief AGENCY (ADRA) to start the integration of permaculture approaches into ADRA Vanuatu’s food security initiatives through technical advice, and in permaculture design training for ADRA Vanuatu food security staff and representatives from communities in Araki Island, Dixson’s Reef, and Ifira Island.

photo 1_Dec 2013

Home garden designed around WASH station installed by previous ADRA project to harness water & nutrient runoff.

The consultancy took place over a 25 day period from August 15th – September 9th, and began with site visits to the remote island communities of Dixson’s Reef (Malekula Island) and Araki Island (off Santo Island).

Site visits of Ifira Island and Port Villa were conducted on August 18th, with site visits of the two remote island communities were conducted from August 19th – 22nd in conjunction with recently hired Kaikai fo Laef Project Manager Noel Jacob. Instructors and support staff commuted to Malekula Island and Santo Island via airplane & banana boat, so that the landscape could be read, surveyed & experienced.

Three representatives from Dixson’s Reef and Araki Island attended the training, while Ifira Island was represented by a local flower farmer named Sawi. The Vanuatu Department of Agriculture was able to send two Extension Officers, ADRA Food Security Project Manager Noel Jacob, Audrey from the Dorcas Ladies’ Group, and two local staff from other NGOs operating in the area (World Vision and Live & Learn) attended the training.

Class participants were equipped with the knowledge & skills to design & implement permacultural systems, with a specific focus on bringing back practical solutions which could be implemented immediately upon return to their communities.

“Kaikai fo Laef” 2012 Project Report cover

Download the full project report here.