Testing? Testing? 1, 2. Testing, Testing, Where Are You?

Testing? Testing? 1, 2. Testing, Testing, Where Are You?

Tl;dr: Hawaii COVID-19 testing location data is hard to find, here is a far from complete map to make it a little easier.

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But it is August! Why isn’t this information regularly compiled and made public? Great question!

Maybe because HDOH has been too busy fending off offers to support and drowning contact tracers.

For those confused about how #Hawaii is chart topping #COVID rates, let’s try a fun little game called:

“Where is the Testing Location Information on the Hawaii Department of Heath Website”

It’s just like Where’s Waldo, but with critical public health data instead of a beloved striped hat man.

Note: I recommend playing the game with this tune in the background.

Ready? Here we go!

Lets start with https://health.hawaii.gov

Did you find it? Me neither.

What if we click ‘Health’ in that blood orange header?

It takes us to http://hawaiicovid19.com

Find it?

Not on main page, not on main menu, not in ‘Guidance for All’….

That important information on where to get tested to see if you have a rampant virus is so sneaky!

Let’s keep looking!

What if we’d just gone to the Disease Outbreak and Control Division’s COVID page? https://health.hawaii.gov/coronavirusdisease2019/

Not on front page. Not in COVID-19 Menu.

Under ‘What You Should’? Uh-uh.

In ‘Current Situation in Hawaii’.. Try again!

It’s gotta be in ‘FAQs’, right? Almost! But only tells you if you should get tested..

How about ‘What You Can Do’? Nope!

‘Community Resources’? Nope.. https://health.hawaii.gov/coronavirusdisease2019/community-resources/

Most anywhere testing is mentioned, it says to contact your primary care doctor.

You know, because we have #MedicareForAll and everyone is insured and has regular and steady access to affordable health care.

Tired of the game?

Thought so.

So here is a recently updated (08/11) list of free testing sites from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website https://hhs.gov/coronavirus/community-based-testing-sites/index.html#hi

BUT! At the top of that site it says to ‘Visit cdc.gov/coronavirus for the latest Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) updates.’

If we go to the CDC site and click through to the testing page, guess where curious or sick (literally) minds are directed!?

Turns out were just playing with these the whole time!

Thanks @HIgov_Health you sly dogs you!

Phew. Good Try! Better luck next wave of this society sapping pandemic!

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