PPP Loans in Hawaii

Exploring Paycheck Protection Program Loans to Hawaii

In early July the Small Business Administration released data on Paycheck Protection Program loans across the country. 

Data for Paycheck Protection Program Loans under and over $150,000 were separated and provided different levels of detail.

  • For loans <$150k the exact loan amount was provided, but no business information beyond the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code.
  • For loans >$150k the business name was provided, but loan amounts were only given as a range. 

The two datasets were merged and appended with higher level NAICS classifications to allow for aggregation into sectors. 

Loans Received Over Time

Data From Sector to Business

Loan Amounts & Jobs Retained by Loan

Which Industry Received the Most Loans?


Zip Codes & Loan Ranges

The middle of the range of loans are displayed by zip code and sector.