Pono Permaculture


Ecosystem Engineering

Creation, Modification, and Maintenance of Habitats

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Onsite visits offering design suggestions without an accompanying finished design.
Our consultations can help you to determine what and where to plant, and how best to go about it. Consultation is not limited to planting, and can cover audits of waste, water, and energy as well as the advisement on the best cycling of those resources.
Designs start with a consultation, which provides the initial overview of site potentials.


Whether you want to know what to plant on your balcony or are interested in transforming your land into a commercial food forest, we offer the gamut of Permaculture Design services.

Everyone from homeowners to businesses to farmers benefit from the interconnected approach inherent to Permaculture Design. All are able to obtain a yield from re-design of existing elements or initial site set-up.

Total designs begin with a consultation to determine your goals, resources, site parameters. This information is used to tailor a design specific to your sites needs and outputs. Accompanying the design is a report explaining the design as well as a framework for implementation. This total Design Packet is a finished product, but my no means intended to be a static document as it means to be updated as you go forth into abundance.

Installation & Maintenance

With a finished design, we offer installation and minor earthworks service. Done to maximize efficiency and provide a yield proper installation sets you on the road to supersistence.
Post install or for systems already in place we offer a maintenance service, and assistance eating your fruit. This is not a regular yard service arriving to trim your hedges and cut your lawn, it is oriented towards further integration of an evolving polyculture.


Each of the services above has an aspect of education, it is our hope for you to understand and take part in your space, ideally over time becoming the design, installer, and harvester.
Formal education is offered in the form of workshops and classes pertaining to Permaculture Design, Water and Energy Systems, Gardening with Nature and various facets Ecological Engineering.
Permaculture Design Courses will also be offered eventually, in the meantime we are happy to share the knowledge we can.
Workshops and classes can be held at your site for you, friends, and neighbors, but are also available in other locations. We have curriculum and classes for children too!
If there is something specific you are interested in or would like a listing of courses send an email and we can make it happen.