Hawaii COVID-19 Screening Sites (3/16/20)

Hawaii COVID-19 Screening Sites (as of 4:30 p.m., March 16, 2020) via Hawaii Dept. of Health To help manage available healthcare resources for the public statewide, the DOH advises everyone to take the following steps: 1. Stay home if you…

crop land cover timeline

Agricultural Land Use Mapping in Hawaii

Building a spatial crop land cover timeline of the Hawaiian Islands

Produce Information Exchange: A Local Food Price Index for Hawaii

Produce Information Exchange: A Local Food Price Index for Hawaii

This study combines data from local food hubs to quantify local agricultural production and pricing information.

HI Primary Election Results

Relating Lobbyists to Campaign Contributions, 2019.

This chart shows companies who have hired lobbyists for 2019-2020, their registered lobbyists, the employers of those lobbyists (based on contribution reporting by candidates), and finally the office, candidate and volume of contributions made in in 2019. The chart does…


HICROP input variables include topographic, edaphic, and climatic variables to identify spatial niche suitability for selected crops. The topographic and edaphic variables are: slope, soil depth, soil drainage, and soil pH. First, make some basic functions Model funcitons # Call…

Kalo leaf

Rainwater harvesting calculator

On Determinism and Self-Determination

On Determinism and Self-Determination

Can we in good faith advocate localization and regional development as our economic realities are increasingly dictated by global financial interests? This power vacuum is being felt from communities, to cities, to states, to nations as decision making is increasingly…