[soo-per-sis-tuh ns, –zis-] “A state of more than existence. In contrast to subsistence, to supersist is to live very well, to thrive or to flourish.”


For more than a decade I have worked with individuals, communities, organizations, and networks to address issues in environmental quality, social equity, food and economic security, and urbanization.

Through education, facilitation, and design I work to navigate social and ecological systems towards the development of sustainable human habitats.

Or the more official version:

Growing up in Hawaii, Hunter forged a strong connection with natural world that led to his studies in tropical forest ecosystem and agroforestry management (AS), sustainable community development (BA) urban planning and disaster management (MA) and geography (MA, Phd Candidate).

He has been a leader in the permaculture movement in Hawaii, and is a Director of three local non-profit organizations: the Oahu Farm to School Network, Urban Farm Hawaii, and the Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design.

In these and other roles he has designed for projects ranging from homeless shelter to homesteads, and led coursework and community development programming from Vanuatu to Haiti. His work facilitating program design and development has drawn upon his training as an urban planner and wide experience around the Hawaiian islands and internationally.