2/4 Legislative Update

Good thing are happening so far this legislative session!

Good food/agriculture bills that passed their first hearing:

  • SB2169 – Funds for Hawaii’s food banks
  • SB2218 – Five-year food hub pilot program
  • SB2509 – Repeals general excise tax exemption for genetically engineered ag products
  • SB2615 – Adds BOA representation from the islands of Molokai and Lanai
  • SB2955 – Three-year pilot compost reimbursement pilot program
  • SB2982 – Five-year food hub pilot program to increase access to local food
  • SB2986 – Removes certain duplicative regulations imposed on hemp producers
  • SB2989 – Healthy Soils Program
  • SB2990 – Cover crop seed reimbursement pilot program (old version)
  • SB3198 – Funds for capital improvement projects for agriculture (for HI Ulu Coop)
  • HB1668 – Soils Classifications Update
  • SB2056 – Soils Classification Update
  • HB1844 – Full-time agriculture education coordinator position at CTAHR
  • HB1517 – Requires coffee labels to disclose origins and per cent by weight of blend
  • HB1864 – Funds school cafeteria upgrades/staff training to serve fresh foods
  • SB2288 – Compost reimbursement program (permanent)

Bills being heard on Monday 2/7 (submit testimony now!)

  • SB 2973 Extends DOA regulatory authority over hemp production 
  • SB3197 Establishes a Farmer Apprentice Mentoring Program
  • SB 1416 Enhances farmer equity 
  • SB 1316  agricultural production tax credit for fifty per cent of food crops for local consumption.
  • SB 1277 Establishes the environmental justice mapping task force
  • SB 1030 Updates Advisory Committee on Pesticides to include coffee & diversified agriculture
  • SB 1315 Establishes a food manufacturer tax credit.
  • SB 2675 three-year cover crop reimbursement pilot program
  • SB 2673 Enhances farmer equity

Bills that still need a first hearing

Senate AEN

  • SB3033 Updates Advisory Committee on Pesticides
  • SB2974 Updates Advisory Committee on Pesticides
  • SB2409 Farmer Equity

Senate AEN/WTL

  • SB2410 Updates Advisory Committee on Pesticides

Senate AEN/HMS 

  • SB2956 Hawaii Farm to Food Bank Program 

Senate AEN/GVO

  • SB2674 Organic Waste Diversion Plans

House AGR

  • HB1566 Hawaii Farm to Food Banks Program 
  • HB2065 Updates Advisory Committee on Pesticides
  • HB1529 Farmer Equity
  • HB1804 Healthy Soils Program

House EEP 

  • HB1528 Compost reimbursement program
  • HB1526 Organic Waste Diversion Plans


  • HB1745 Funds Hawaii’s Food Banks

Second Hearings

Senate WAM