Co-Developing Strategies & Programs to Meet Increased Demand – Webinar

A recent webinar with O’ahu RC&D. A great watch overall, and I jump in around 16:19. My section covers a bit on the history of food system disruptions, the roots of the current crisis, efforts to address food disruptions, and…

PPP Loans in Hawaii

Exploring Paycheck Protection Program Loans to Hawaii In early July the Small Business Administration released data on Paycheck Protection Program loans across the country.  Data for Paycheck Protection Program Loans under and over $150,000 were separated and provided different levels…

Column: Coronavirus pandemic reveals food-supply fragility

My recent column on Hawaii’s food system & COVID-19, published in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Local Food & COVID-19 (Interview)
Hawaii COVID-19 Screening Sites (3/16/20)

Hawaii COVID-19 Screening Sites (as of 4:30 p.m., March 16, 2020) via Hawaii Dept. of Health To help manage available healthcare resources for the public statewide, the DOH advises everyone to take the following steps: 1. Stay home if you…

crop land cover timeline

Building a spatial crop land cover timeline of the Hawaiian Islands

Produce Information Exchange: A Local Food Price Index for Hawaii

This study combines data from local food hubs to quantify local agricultural production and pricing information.