2022 Ag Conference Pre-Note Presentation

Slides from my presentation opening the 2022 Hawaii Agriculture Conference.

KAKOU: Hawaii's Town Hall on The Future of Our Food

Enjoyed an evening in discussion with “representatives from Government, farming, fishing, ranching, food distribution, cultural experts and academic and legal experts” on the future of food in the islands.

Maui Nui Food Alliance Social Network Analysis

Recently completed a network map to further Maui Nui Food Alliance work towards developing a Maui County Food System Needs Assessment and Maui County Food System Plan. Check out the presentation version: Or explore the map on your own:

2/11/21 Legislative Update

Good food/agriculture bills that passed their first hearing: HB1528 Funds compost reimbursement program HB1526 Require county plan to divert all organic waste produced HB2431 Establishes the sustainable food systems working group within OPSD SB 416 Enhances farmer equity SB1277 Establishes…

2/4 Legislative Update

Good thing are happening so far this legislative session! Good food/agriculture bills that passed their first hearing: SB2169 – Funds for Hawaii’s food banks SB2218 – Five-year food hub pilot program SB2509 – Repeals general excise tax exemption for genetically…

Urban gardens created to address food insecurity in vulnerable communities

This City & County of Honolulu press release summarizes a recent project. http://www.honolulu.gov/cms-csd-menu/site-csd-sitearticles/1305-site-csd-news-2020-cat/40422-12-17-20-urban-gardens-created-to-address-food-insecurity-in-vulnerable-communities.html O‘AHU — Working together with residents across O‘ahu, the Honolulu Department of Community Services (DCS) organized the creation of urban gardens at seven City-owned, special needs housing…